Karate Training In San Antonio

Karate Training Is Physically And Mentally Beneficial

Karate TrainingKarate is a famous Japanese martial art whose name translates literally to “empty hand.” It has grown popular all across the world for the physical benefits that karate training produces as well as the mental requirements of the art. Despite being a bit overshadowed by mixed martial arts at the moment, karate training in San Antonio is still alive and well. 

There are several different reasons that karate training is a physically and mentally beneficial activity. The various strikes, blows, kicks and forms learned by students of karate tone and strengthen every area of the body. Practicing karate is a good cardiovascular workout which engages the mind as well as the body to keep people interested as well.

Karate is great for adults and children alike. It teaches children respect and mental discipline while helping them maintain healthy bodies by being active. Adults can also benefit from the mental discipline of practicing a martial art and can expect to lose weight and become more fit with regular practice. Most people also find practicing a martial art to be enjoyable which keeps them coming back for more.

Traditional karate training focuses on the mind as well as the body. It cultivates the appropriate attitude of respect for the art, the body, and other people. Leadership skills, fearlessness and avoidance of violence are all principles commonly taught in San Antonio karate dojos that are mirrored all over the world.

Kicks and blows are part of karate training in San Antonio or anywhere else but forms are also important. These forms are called kata and feature a sequence of moves done in a precise manner. Each level of training has one or more kata that the students must master before they can move up.

The Ranking System For Karate Training

Belts are the ranking system for karate students in San Antonio and elsewhere. Traditionally students start with a white belt although some dojos (karate studios) like to start new students with no belt and have them earn their white belt. Stripes or tips may be added to the belts as intermediate steps between the colors. Masters achieve a black belt which has several different dan (levels) itself.

The requirements of promotion to a higher rank are determined by the school. Factors generally considered are mastery of the required kata(s), time in the rank and general ability in the skills expected of that rank. Promotion may be a formal event which involves spectators and tests of skill such as breaking boards or demonstrating kicks or it may be a smaller and more private event.

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